Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pam and Booker, winter 2008Mum and Dad's backyard

Just a walk through the woods

I took Booker for a walk the other day; nothing new there, we do this several times a day! But this walk was a bit different. As we walked up Lake Ave toward our part, a red tailed hawk flew past us and perched in a tree across the road. I love hawks and have had several interesting encounters with them over the years. As Booker and I stopped so that I could unclip his leash, the hawk flew overhead and into the woods in the park. We continued on and turned to the right to take the longer path through the woods. As we made the turn, the hawk flew directly overhead and made 3 circles directly over us. And then it flew off into the deeper woods. I am always touched when I have the opportunity to see wild life up close and personal. We have a pair of red tailed hawks that live in our small forest. I'm not sure if it is a mated pair, for they never seem to be close together. In the past, 1 of the hawks has let us, Booker and I, come fairly close. He or she allowed us to watch him feed one afternoon, staying in the tree about 15-20 over our heads. Clearly comfortable that we were there, we were not going to disturb his meal! I always feel so blessed with these encounters. One of the reason I love living where we do. We may not have the backyard that would be so convenient, but we have acres and acres of woods to explore and just across the street we have a lovely park, with walking paths, part woods and part track complete with a beach and picnic area! You can't do much better than that in a city.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's all about "a heart wrapped in fur"...

This is my first attemt at blogging...should be interesting as I can't write a letter to save my butt. Oh, time like the present to start, right?